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Environmental Landscaping and Design Earns Certified Aquascape Contractor Title

Environmental Landscaping and Design, has completed the application process and has been awarded the distinction of Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) by Aquascape, Inc. Over 300 contractors across the continent make up this elite group of water feature builders.

Certified Aquascape Contractors are the most qualified and informed water feature installers in the water gardening industry. All CACs are required to attend continual training and education seminars and maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service.


In order to become a Certified Aquascape Contractor, and in-depth application must be completed that includes referrals, photographs of completed water features, and general questions about the business and water garden philosophy. These applications are then assessed by Aquascape Inc. representatives and a review board made up of other established CACs.

Aquascape, Inc. of St. Charles, IL is North America's leading innovator in the water features industry and the inventor of the low-maintenance, naturally balanced ecosystem pond. The Aquascape Ecosystem is the No.1 contractor-installed water garden in the U.S. Aquascape products are sold exclusively through contractors and retailers.

"Certified Aquascape Contractors are the heart and soul of the water features industry," Greg Wittstock, CEO and owner of Aquascape Inc., said. "It's good to know that there are a group of professionals out there installing ponds the right way."

When a customer chooses a Certified Aquascape Contractor, they can feel comfortable knowing that they are receiving the most qualified contractor to build their own backyard oasis. A water garden is only enjoyable and maintainable when it's built correctly. When you call a CAC to get the job done, you know you're going to get a professional who is experienced enough to tackle any project.

Environmental Landscaping and Design is available for water feature consultations, but hurry; this season's schedule is filling up quickly. Form more information on Environmental Landscaping and Design or to book a consultation, call 516-781-7412 or contact us here.


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