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Enjoy your landscape and outdoor environment all year-round. Extend the hours you can spend outdoors on your patio, deck or in your garden. Create a safer and more secure atmosphere by lighting steps, driveways, walkways and entranceways.

Low-voltage landscape lighting was first introduced to the public in 1959. It's been a hit ever since! Outdoor lighting provides safety and comfort.

Here are some brief descriptions of what our lighting options and capabilities are:

  • Path Lighting - Used to light up walkways, pathways and driveways. The most visible type of fixture, with many options and styles to choose from. These provide security & safety and create an inviting environment.
  • Spread Lighting - Used to create points of interest within landscaped areas by highlighting objects, plants, or other features.
  • Uplighting - Used to create a dramatic effect by lighting the features of your home, large trees, textured wall surfaces or other architectural features. The most unobtrusive version of lighting, where the fixtures are basically unseen except for the actual effect of the light.
  • Downlighting or Area Lighting - Mounting fixtures high up in trees or on a house to cast broad illumination over wide areas. A great effect when used in a densely tree-planted area. We create a comfortable illumination and avoid the Stadium Lighting Effect.
  • Moonlighting - Like downlighting, but using soft lighting sources positioned very high up. This technique simulates the effect of moonlight filtering through branches, casting attractive shadow patterns.
  • Shadowing - Used for lighting an object from the front and below to project intriguing shadows and a wall or other vertical surface.
  • Grazing - Positioning the light source close to an interesting surface to bring out the texture of a tree, masonry wall, or other architectural feature.
  • Cross Lighting - Used to illuminate a tree or statue from two or more sides revealing the three dimensional form in a striking perspective.

We use "cast lighting" the most advanced state-of-the-art transformers and the highest quality fixtures. All of our systems come with photocell sensors along with timers for trouble-free automatic operation.

Cast lighting is committed to provide the highest level of quality, durability and performance. Our fixtures transformers and systems are designed to deliver a lifetime of superior trouble-free landscape lighting. www.cast-lighting.com

Low voltage systems provide an additional level of safety by reducing the voltage that runs through the wiring located throughout the landscape. This configuration also reduces the related energy costs.

Any services that are not covered under our HOME IMPROVEMENT LICENSE are performed by a Licensed and Insured Subcontractor.


The Environmental Difference

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