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Imagine never having to water, fertilize or mow your lawn again! ELD Synthetic Landscape Turf will add to your weekend leisure time, while saving the environment from pollutants that result from mowing a natural lawn. We believe in saving out water one lawn at a time.

We install synthetic grass to replace natural grass for people and dogs in homes and commercial properties. Artificial grass can also be used for athletic fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, and pool surrounds.

Surprisingly, the question we are asked most is, "Can you put it in your yard?" The answer is, "Yes, you can!" Synthetic grass offers year round outdoor living space without the headaches of natural grass. These products are ideal for residential and commercial applications. They are tested and specifically designed to replicate grass without the problems and constant expense of natural grass.

Benefits of synthetic grass include:

  • No Watering
  • No Mowing
  • No Fertilizing
  • No Weeding
  • No Mud
  • Child-friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Looks great all year

Would you like a hassle free lawn? Getting the lawn of your dreams is often a sacrifice in both time and money. Think about the money you have spent fertilizing, watering, weeding and mowing every inch of lawn. Each year you must repeat these same tasks in order to keep those green blades of grass looking their best.

An environmentally friendly lawn featuring naturally beautiful "life like" synthetic grass is a great alternative. Save big on annual watering and lawn care expenses by switching to artificial turf.

  • Advantages of Synthetic Grass
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate chemicals and pesticides
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • Weather resistant
  • Natural looking
  • Perfect for residential and commercial lawns
  • Safe for pets and the ideal turf for playgrounds

We are experts at installing artificial turf for both residential landscaping and commercial landscaping. The Dura-Field® artificial turf that we use is suitable for both small and large landscapes. Once it is installed it looks amazingly real. Now you can easily manage your lawn care costs while enjoying a 100% environmentally friendly solution.

Requires No Water
Synthetic grass does not have to be watered in order to maintain its lush appearance. This conserves water and greatly increases your savings on monthly water bills. Say goodbye to sprinklers forever.

Virtually Maintenance-Free
Both residential landscaping and commercial landscaping upkeep is very expensive. After your realistic Dura-Field® synthetic grass is installed, it is virtually maintenance-free. You can happily spend your time doing the things you enjoy, instead of fussing over the lawn.

Fresh Cut Appearance
The lawn will always appear to be freshly cut and well maintained. Many people will not even know that it isn’t organically grown grass. You get to take all the credit for having a beautiful lawn without doing any work.

Needs No Chemicals, Insecticides or Fertilizer
Protecting the earth from toxic chemicals and fertilizers that leech down into the ground is one great reason to switch to artificial turf. Never worry again about drought, predatory insects or completely destroying those annoying weeds. This 100% green solution means that you don’t have to harm the environment for the sake of a green lawn.

Never Needs Mowing
The joy of never having to mow another blade of grass is a wonderful feeling. Each day this lawn will appear lush and well kept.

Recyclable Components
ELD offers Dura-Field® artificial grass products that are made from 100% recyclable materials. This is another key feature that makes it a smart green choice.

Several Natural-Looking Options
The grass is available in a variety of texture mixes, colors and sizes to accommodate any landscaping needs. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll present you with the best solution for your particular lawn. Review our list of Dura-Field® synthetic turf products to see how natural and life-like the turf is. Synthetic grass landscaping products are design for beautiful lawn applications and not a football field.

Safe for Pets and Children
Synthetic grass is just as fun for children and pets to play on as real grass. Best of all, it is completely safe. Pet owners swear by the durability and feasibility of having a washable pet surface. No more muddy paws on your patio or into your house. No more bald spots from urine. Artificial grass is a great alternative to grass or concrete for your pet. Your pet will love the turf and you for creating such a clean environment.

All of our turfs are perforated so that urine and or water may filter down into the base that we install under the turf. It drains fast and clean. Feces clean up is as easy as 1-2-3. Just wipe or wash off any excess after pickup. No more wet smelly piles to clean up after irrigating your real grass. It’s always dry!

Tired of lawn maintenance?
Artificial turf can be a great solution for those are tired of lawn maintenance and can also give others the opportunity to have a lawn where it normally would be too difficult or costly to grow.

Or looking for that perfect lawn?
Artificial turf can give you a year round perfect lawn that never needs mowing or watering which can save you a lot of time and money.

Here at ELD we cover all your artificial turf needs. We offer a wide variety of artificial turf selections with competitive pricing. We install high quality artificial turf and guarantee our turf is always installed correctly which will give you long lasting perfection.


ELD knows who, what, where and why turf should be considered as a replacement for real grass. We can answer any question you have regarding the installation of artificial grass… any question. We have heard them all. And the plain fact is this: Artificial Grass is safe, doesn’t die, lasts at least 15 years and will always, always stay GREEN!

We know because we have been here for that long. Artificial Grass is a viable and green alternative to non-native turf grasses. No more weeding. No more mowing. No more fertilizing. No more watering! Did you know that your real grass accounts for at least 75% of your water bill on average? It’s true! More and more people are putting artificial grass and putting greens in their homes because it just makes sense. Stop the insanity! Stop paying for lawn maintenance! Free up time on your weekends! And remember most of all…it’s ALWAYS GREEN!


ELD has extensive experience in installing turf in the commercial market. We know how valuable it is to these entities (City, State, property management companies, privately owned buildings and /or Properties) to replace the vast stretches of grass that surround and fill the landscapes that surround them. Real grass simply is not an option anymore.

These groups have discovered the benefits of having an artificial turf area:

  • Extremely low maintenance costs.
  • Permanently green landscape turf without the hassles of dead or dying grass.
  • Easily repaired if the turf has to be removed for re-piping or any other construction.
  • Tough, durable athletic fields.
  • Happy clients or tenants!

ELD has the experience, knowledge and excellent service you require to get the job done. We have been there. We have done that. Give us a call. 516.781.7412

Artificial Grass is Low Maintenance
Finding an ideal low–maintenance natural grass option for your landscape is all but impossible. The constant watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and patching of natural grass... well, there goes your weekend. Artificial grass, however, provides a waterless, low-maintenance solution without sacrificing the beauty, function or look of real grass. All that lawn equipment can stay tucked away in the garage.

Artificial Grass is Durable
While heavy foot traffic or weather may result in worn areas or bare patches in a natural grass application, artificial turf will simply not wear down. Artificial turf is designed to hold up against high–traffic areas that regularly take a beating: playgrounds, schoolyards, pet areas and sports fields, just to name a few. Plus, any reputable artificial grass product will be non–toxic and safe for pets and children.

Artificial Grass Offers Versatility
If you've been trying to grow natural grass in a harsh climate or on rough terrain, you know what a challenge it can be to maintain a lush lawn. Artificial grass products are virtually impervious to the elements, so whether you're dealing with drought conditions, muddy areas, steep slopes or hard-to-grow terrain, there's a suitable artificial grass product for just about any location. The icing on the cake? Your lawn will look great year–round.

Sustainability of Artificial Grass
Unlike traditional grass, artificial grass products use recycled and sustainable products, while using less of the earth's natural resources. Synthetic grass surfaces allow you to conserve water, while eliminating often–toxic fertilizers and pesticides. You'll also see reductions in your maintenance and lawn equipment expenses, and you can rest easy knowing you won't be releasing any harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Appearance of Artificial Grass
Yes, artificial grass is low maintenance, durable, and sustainable, but it's also downright beautiful! After all, many golf courses are finding synthetic turf to be a functional and beautiful solution for their greens. A high–quality artificial turf product should have a soft, lush natural–grass appearance that looks great year–round. These are just a few of the many benefits of artificial grass. Just imagine a lawn that looks great year round with no weeding, mowing, fertilizing or patching!


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