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Environmental Landscaping & Design, Inc. knows that clients expect dependable and trouble free results all season long. We achieve this with our year-round staff of field professionals who understand the expectations of the most discerning clientele. Keeping your lawn and landscape in topnotch condition is our number one concern. We are proud of our reputation for superior service.

 Residential Maintenance Clients

  • All phases of lawn & landscape care.
  • Take advantage of our Horticultural Detail Service. Let Environmental take your property to the next level!
  • Take a look at our Definitions of Services for a comprehensive description of what we offer our residential clients

Commercial Maintenance Clients

  • All phases of year-round site care.
  • Take a look at our Commercial Lawn & Landscape Services Contract for a feeling of what Environmental can do for your site.
  • Our Definitions of Services will provide a nice overview of what we provide and the scope of work that our packages include.

  • Landscape bed edging, weeding & grooming
  • Professional spring and fall cleanups
  • Seasonal pruning of perennial shrubs & corrective pruning of mature plantings
  • Seasonal floral displays designed, installed and maintained
  • Installation of triple-shredded hardwood mulch, root mulch, red cedar mulch and landscape stone
  • Sprinkler system troubleshooting and service
  • Complete turf care programs

We provide the knowledge, equipment and staff to deliver results; from executive homes and estates to multi-acre commercial complexes

Bring out the best in your lawn & landscape with Environmental Landscaping and Design!


The Environmental Difference

The difference allows us to create lasting relationships, providing quality landscape services to clients year round. The difference is in our Design, Build, Manage philosophy. It allows us to create a single-source connection for all aspects of your outdoor environment. The difference lies within the details - the little things that turn acceptable projects into "exceptional" projects.

We've been providing the Difference to discerning clientele since 1984.

Let's start our relationship today.