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Ponds and Waterfalls

Certified Aquascape Contractor

Imagine the soothing sound of rushing water over gentle falls.
Relax around your own personal water garden.
We design and install custom water features incorporating plantings, lighting and aquatic life. Transform your backyard into a soothing paradise where children and adults can relax and enjoy.

All of our ponds and water feature designs take into consideration aesthetics, logistics and practicality. We create features that not only look great, but also provide a home for fish and plants. We design our features to move water properly to keep your pond clean and safe for plants and fish.

Aquascape Design Division

We are proud to announce we can provide you with an all natural, beautiful and easy maintained water garden. We have teamed up with Aquascape Designs, Inc., a premiere pond builder using their pond systems to build these beautiful water gardens. The Aquascape system leads to the naturalistic movement in pond construction with tens of thousands of natural, low maintenance aquatic paradises functioning successfully around the country. Water features are the hottest trend in landscaping.

Now families can enjoy the relaxing sound of a cascading waterfall in their own backyard. By creating a naturally balanced ecosystem, owning a pond has become virtually maintenance free. This provides our customers with more leisure time at the end of a busy day to appreciate the tranquility of owning a pond. Environmental Landscaping and Design is changing the way that people experience their landscaping by bringing waterfront property to backyards everywhere. Today's water gardens are environmentally friendly and completely customized to be installed anywhere.

Spend hours unwinding by your garden. At night your water feature comes to life with the installation of low voltage lighting. Illuminating the prominent features of your water feature creates enchanting focal points, contrasted against the evening hours. Whether you choose a small patio pond or larger water feature, our designs provide elements that give definition and harmony to your landscape.

It's like having a custom built room or space that has your own dreamlike fingerprints all over it. This project will allow you to escape from the daily grind on a daily basis and recover your soul. You just want to ponder. From a practical standpoint you know what it does for the value of your property. So, if you like water and people, if you like relaxation and stress reduction, if you enjoy entertaining in naturalistic adventurous and ultimately interesting surroundings, then it is pretty hard to beat water gardening.

Pondless Waterfalls

If safety is a concern, a great first start toward a water feature is the pondless waterfall. Pondless waterfalls allow you to enjoy the wonderful sight and sounds of cascading water without a pool of water. This is an alternative if fish are not for you. Another benefit to a pondless waterfall is that it can work in smaller areas of your landscape, as well as different locations in your yard. Pondless waterfalls can add great curb appeal to any home or business looking to add to the aesthetics value of their property. Low maintenance is also a great bonus to this great feature.

Waterfalls into swimming pools

Waterfalls are not just waterfalls" when we add them to your pool landscape! Yes, that's right; the latest trend is adding a waterfall poolside. We at Environmental Landscaping and Design can take your pool to the next level. Adding a multi-level/multi-cascading waterfall to your pool can bring an exotic touch to your backyard paradise.

Enjoy your pond or waterfall for a lifetime whether it's a cascading waterfall, a stream that runs through your backyard or a waterfall flowing into your pool.

As a full service firm, we integrate our water features into larger landscape concepts, creating a natural fit that blends into your surroundings.

The advantages of a professional design, installation and service provide you with the opportunity of low maintenance, naturally balanced water feature that is customized to your specific desires. You will never have to use chemicals, or LIV sterilizers. Don't hesitate from lack of knowledge we will fully explain the process and maintenance requirements. Our service doesn't end with the completed waterscape: we are a complete design, build and maintenance company. Call today for our create a paradise VHS or DVD to watch with your family and share with your friends. Then call us, to have a personal consultation. It is as easy as that.

Any services that are not covered under our HOME IMPROVEMENT LICENSE are performed by a Licensed and Insured Subcontractor.


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