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At Environmental we provide seeding and sodding for establishing turf. Each option has several considerations such as budget, site size, elevation issues, time of season and desired results.

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Sodding - just say the word and people think of instant lawn!!

  • We provide all the services required to properly prepare a site for sod installation, including rototilling, providing soil amendments if necessary and final grade.
  • We install premium sod grown locally and delivered fresh and ready for installation.
  • Sodding can be done throughout the year - as long as the ground is not frozen, we can install sod! A great option during the colder times of the year when regular seed won't germinate.
  • We provide our own inground irrigation systems so that your sod gets off to a great start! We also provide a "Sod Owner's Guide" so that you can properly take care of your new investment.
  • We encourage all clients to integrate a turf care program into the care of their lawn, but especially new sod. The success of a newly sodded lawn is only as good as the care that it receives!
  • We also provide lawn maintenance services to put the whole package together.

Seeding - Consists of grass seed, fertilizer and topdressing with organic mixture. This mix is applied to form a uniform application over the soil.

  • The seeds germinate more successfully and the new seedlings thrive with the greater protection provided by the mulch.
  • Seeding provides an economical option for turf establishment.
  • Seeding is an excellent option for large open spaces
  • We also provide a "Seed Owner's Guide" so that you can properly take care of your new investment.


The Environmental Difference

The difference allows us to create lasting relationships, providing quality landscape services to clients year round. The difference is in our Design, Build, Manage philosophy. It allows us to create a single-source connection for all aspects of your outdoor environment. The difference lies within the details - the little things that turn acceptable projects into "exceptional" projects.

We've been providing the Difference to discerning clientele since 1984.

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