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Are you tired of dragging the garden hose and sprinkler around the yard?  Do you vacation during the hottest days of the summer?  Are you tired of spending money on fertilizer and weed controls that don't work because your lawn doesn't get enough water?  Are you envious of the neighbor with a sprinkler system because their lawn looks like a golf course during the dog days of summer?  Does hand watering your lawn give you a headache?

You probably answered YES to a couple of these questions. Let our associate company design and install an automatic sprinkler system that takes the headache out of keeping your lawn properly watered.

Here's what we have to offer:

  • A comprehensive design depicting head layout, pipe routing and efficient water coverage
  • Trenchless installation of irrigation piping
  • Rain Sensor that automatically deactivates system in the event of rain.
  • State of the art heads, valves and automatic controllers manufactured by the leader in sprinkler technology, RainBird.
  • A thorough sprinkler head layout that delivers optimal water coverage to all turf areas and landscape plantings
  • Below-mulch drip assemblies specially designed to water new and existing landscapes
  • Trouble-shooting service for all major brands, whether they installed your system or not

A comprehensive "ANNUAL MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT" that will keep your system in top shape for years, including: "Spring Turn-On", "Winterization" & "In-Season Care".

Any services that are not covered under our HOME IMPROVEMENT LICENSE are performed by a Licensed and Insured Subcontractor.


The Environmental Difference

The difference allows us to create lasting relationships, providing quality landscape services to clients year round. The difference is in our Design, Build, Manage philosophy. It allows us to create a single-source connection for all aspects of your outdoor environment. The difference lies within the details - the little things that turn acceptable projects into "exceptional" projects.

We've been providing the Difference to discerning clientele since 1984.

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